Sacrifices For Love-Chapter 1-5

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Sacrifices For Love
Author: chicensfeetbaby a.k.a. yougottaletmego 
Pairings: LJ/Lily (original character), Lincoln/LJ, Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara
Characters: LJ, Lily (original character), Lincoln, Michael, and Sara. Appearances by many other characters.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season 1 and 3
Warnings: Original Characters, Character Death. Work In Progress
Summary: LJ and Lincoln are attempting to start a new life, and an old friend comes to visit LJ. But the Company quickly destroys that dream of the three of them living a normal life together. Meanwhile, Michael is dealing with something Sara has done.
Notes: So far I have 18 chapters completed and I will eventually post them all. There is a main focus on LJ, Lily, and Lincoln. My personal account is: yougottaletmego I only use this account for my fan fiction, so if you need to get in touch with me talk to me on my personal account. I'd love to know what you think! So feedback is great!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

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Hello everyone !

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I was running out of my mind these days because I couldn't find any place to unleash my fanfic-ness ( ness ness nessss.....) and the plot bunnies definetely were not helping.Spent almost the whole night editing my here present fanfic and going mental because I had nowhere to post it. Until I found this place.Hopefully I will be able to safely release everything Lincoln/LJ related out of my system because I'm on overload!
  So I hope you will enjoy my gift for you guys .

Title: Autumn Tragedies - Delicate
Author: thethirdstone</lj> 
Pairing: Lincoln / LJ
Rating: I say M for Mature audience but just so I won't be sued because we all know you're gonna read it anyway.
Word count:  I don't have the slightest idea , but it's a long read.
Summary: LJ suddenly realizes he's not seeing his father anymore but this person called Lincoln who stirs him in odd ways ( baaaaad summary )
Warnings: You're in a community dedicated to an incestuous couple....what other warnings?
Notes: The fanfic is the first out of two ( the second one is called Winter Tragedies and it revolves on the second part of their relationship and is more from Lincoln's point of view and more mature readers ? *wink* )
And I haven't been writing in literally years...This is only my second fanfic since starting to write again a week ago so consider yourself warned.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the  bloody show as much as I'd want to.
Feedback : is love

   Also , if the entry appeared a bit messed up , it's probably because of the script on the page,been having some problems with it but my laptop's battery is running low and at the moment I don't have that much time at my hand to fix the entry again ( tried for about 5 times ) so I sincerely apologize if it still looks messed up and I hope it won't interfere too much with the story.
Thanks to everyone who is reading !

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Rating: VERY NC-17
Paring: Lincoln/LJ, Lincoln/Michael, Lincoln/LJ/Michael
Summary: Dysfunctional love is the only love this family has ever known.
Disclaimer: If I owned PB, I would think naughty things about WM and DP and WF all day, and nothing would ever get done!
**Warning: This story is seriously twisted. I don’t even know where it came from. It even disturbs me! But I wanted to try and write a story from the point of view of the abuser, since abuse in a re-occurring theme in my writings. This one paints Lincoln as a monster, LJ as a victim, and Michael as a sexually obsessed enabler. Just so we are clear: this story involves underage incestuous sex with dubious consent. Read at your own risk.

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Hi I'm the new mod on this community. Here to take over from the wonderful

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I also added a header, which I hope you all like, if not please comment and if you would like to post one you have created please do as it may be used.

I'm also trying to get more of you members to post, so I will start some things to encourage you to post, competions, weekly pictures of either LJ, Lincoln, Marshall or Dominic, or the two together.

We can also start a weekly Icon batch and fanfic, these are both to encourage you all to post more, so please do.

If you have any ideas to get this community up and running again please comment.

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Well that's it, my last PB baby has been given up for adoption. ;P

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Hey, I'm looking for a new mod for this comm as I'm no longer in the fandom anymore. You don't have to do anything except be a member pretty much, so any one of you could be a mod right now.

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Title: One More Goodbye
Pairing: Lincoln/LJ
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Incest, angst
Summary: LJ doesn't want his dad to leave him again.
Author's Notes: Set some time around 2x10 and 2x11. (Season 2 timeframe is seriously fucked up)

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Title: What Hurts The Most
Author: goshdarnheck
Pairing: Lincoln, LJ, and Lisa (TS/MC)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1419
Summary: Lincoln goes to visit his son for a little quality time.
Warnings: Profanity/AU.
Notes: This request is my first Lincoln/LJ piece and was given to me way back in October by haloisbent as a way of sparking an idea in me and finally completed in November 2006 with the help of mrsbusybody21.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters nor do I have any affiliation with the show or its’ network. This was written for entertainment purposes only.

Maybe that was it, why Lincoln seemed so uninterested in developing a relationship with his son. He was emotionally tapped out.
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