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lincoln_lj's Journal

A community for fans of Lincoln/LJ
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Welcome to the new and improved Lincoln/LJ community, moved over fromtwistedtrifecta!

This is a community dedicated to the wrong bad dirty love of Lincoln and LJ Burrows.


1. Posts must relate to the pairing. For just LJ stuff you can always check out little_burrows.

2. Spoilers must go behind a properly labeled lj-cut. (And just so you know, I'm spoiler free, so don't piss me off by posting them early without cuts or you will be kicked out.)

3. No flaming.

Anyone who doesn't follow the rules will either have a warning telling them to shape up, have their post deleted or be kicked out. So please follow them.


magnificentpaul prisonbreaknews prison_breakfic
pb_santa linc_v

If you would like to be an affiliate please comment here.

Any questions or comments can be directed towards the mod, yosnickers.